Gladys & Kelly
Gladys & Kelly March 10, 1977

Some words about Gladys by Kelly Caccamo

Wed, 9 Aug 2000

Gladys taught me so many wonderful things. At the time, I didn't see the importance or love behind all her actions. Today I do. They truly reflect on the kind of person I am today.

She taught me to read at such an early age. She taught me to appreciate literature and the importance of correct grammar. I was an English major in college and today I constantly read and edit for the newspaper I work for.

Although I never wanted to eat foods like creamed corn, Gladys made me sit at the table until it was gone. Today, I have a full appreciation for all sorts of food. I will eat just about anything, and I will always try something before I dismiss it.

I never understood why I had to wait an hour after eating a meal to go swimming in the neighbor's pool. But Gladys watched out for our health and well-being. Today, I take care of myself, eat right and don't dare go near a pool within an hour of eating.

Gladys taught me to be a responsible and considerate person. She taught me to be conscientious of my school work and respect teachers and elders. Everything she instilled in me has been beneficial throughout my life.

Last but not least, Gladys' love of cats also rubbed off on me. As a young girl, I looked up to her in so many ways, and her personality and interests soon became my own. While I still do not have a cat, I have plenty of posters and trinkets to satisfy my adoration, as Gladys did for so many years.

Gladys was so much more than a baby-sitter for my brother and me. She was a teacher and a playmate. She taught my brother and me to be creative, caring and considerate people. Even after she stopped caring for us, she always cared for us. Christmas and birthday gift exchanges were always part of visits with Gladys. We were lucky to have her then and have known her all these years. She will be greatly missed but well remembered.

With warmest regards,
Kelly Caccamo

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