Where to get rid of stuff

Revised Tuesday, June 5, 2018

There are lots of better ways to get rid of stuff than to chuck it into the garbage. Best, of course, is to sell it and collect some money. If you're in a hurry or just feeling generous you might just want to give it away. But to whom? This page helps you find someone who'll want what you don't. Even if the item has no value it's better citizenship of planet Earth to recycle its materials than to fill a landfill and pollute the environment with toxics. This page tells you how.

In the table below, the center column links sites and organizations that are nationwide in scope. The left column links sites that are specific to the Silicon Valley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The right column links sites that are specific to Pasco County Florida and the greater Tampa Bay Area.

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Web sites to advertise stuff for sale or free
carries free local classified ads, with local sections around the world.
craigslist of San Francisco Bay Areacraigslist of Tampa Bay Area.
is an international on-line auction.
promotes giving away free items.
FreeCycle of San Jose and Sunnyvale FreeCycle of Tampa, Land O Lakes, and New Port Richey.

There is also a spin-off Yahoo! group called Phreecycle Tampa

Charities accepting clothing and household goods
Salvation Army
accepts charitable donations at stations around the world.
Salvation Army of Silicon Valley
Donation Dropboxes: 4325 Jarvis Ave, 1522 Winchester Bl, 702 W. Taylor St.,

Sacred Heart Donation Station
1381 South First St.. San José, CA 95110
Mon-Thu 8a-5p, Fri 8a-4p, Sa 9a-12n

Donations of historical computer gear
Computer History Musemu
accepts donations

General Recycling

What Goes Where
from the City of San Jose

Your Guide to Garbage and Recycling in San Jose PDF
from the City of San Jose (PDF)

Center for Development of Recycling
has hotlines (408) 924-5453 or 1-800-533-8414 .

Recycling & Waste Reduction Division
of Santa Clara County

Urban Ore in Berkeley
receives unwanted things and sells them as-is for reuse

American Metals & Iron
11665 Berryessa Rd., San Jose, CA 95133, (408) 452-0777
recycles non-working large appliances
(call first to see if they have a fee):
Refrigerators: Non-working (Must be certified CFC Free and motor removed)
Washers/Dryers: Non-working
Water Heaters
Non-working microwaves

Pasco County Curbside Recycling Program

Pasco County Paper Recycling
Pasco County has added 25 new sites for recycling paper products including
Land O Lakes Regional Library, 2818 Collier Parkway
Land O Lakes Recreation Center, 3032 Collier Parkway
Land O Lakes Community Center, 5401 Land O Lakes Blvd.

Pasco County recycling drop box
Accepts mixed materials: Steel & aluminum cans, plastic bottles #1-2, glass bottles & jars.
Location: Beside the Senior Services Center, 6801 Wisteria Loop, Land O Lakes, FL 34638.
Hours: M-F 7a-5p.

Publix has bins near their doors for
Plastic Bags
Paper Bags
Styrofoam trays & egg cartons
I've seen them at their stores at Arbor Square at Connerton and Collier Commons.
They may also have these bins at other stores; I haven't checked.

Pasco Iron and Metal
21240 Lake Patience Rd, Land O Lakes, FL 34638
(813) 996-9866
8a-4:30p M-F
Accepts: aluminum cans, steel cans, scrap metal, used appliances and computers

Fluorescent Lights

Compact Fluorescent (CFL's)

Home Depot

Long Fluorescent Tubes

Download List

Almaden Ace Hardware
6469 Almaden Expwy
San Jose, CA 95120
(408) 997-1784
Recycle bins located next to Register 2.

5550 Cottle Rd
San Jose, CA 95123
(408) 705-9900
Leave lamps with employee at front desk

Lowe's Lutz
21500 State Rd 54, Lutz, FL 33549
(813) 345-9020
M-Th 6a-9p. F-Sa 7a-9p, Su 8a-8p

Pasco County Fluorescent Light Bulb Recycling

Computers, Electronic Waste (E-Waste), and "Universal" Waste
Dell Ink and Toner Recycling
Metech Recycling – the Standard for Responsible Electronics Recycling
Call2Reycle Rechargeable Battery Recycling Program
E-Cycling Central is a clearinghouse of where-to-recycle electronics gear.

Silver-Oxide watch batteries can be sent to Battery Bob, who will give you a 5% discount on your next purchase of new batteries.
Compact Disc Recycling
Diskette Recycling
FloppyDisk.com will reimburse postage for 200 or more

Green Mouse Recycling
529 Race St., San Jose, CA 95126
(408) 464-9999
accepts computer related gear for recycling at no charge.
Drop-off M-F 8:30a-5p & Sa 9a-3p
What Green Mouse accepts

Don't Rush to Flush
Unused Prescription Medicine

Unused Prescription Medicine
blue dropbox is in pharmacy waiting room
Kaiser-Permanente Pharmacy
260 International Circle, San Jose CA

Household Hazardous Waste
San Jose list of free take-back locations for:
Automotive batteries, tires, and antifreeze, Batteries, Electronic waste (e-waste), Fluorescent light bulbs, Medical sharps, Medications, Mercury thermometers and thermostats, Motor oil and oil filters, and Paint

Household Hazardous Waste
By Appointment Only: 1608 Las Plumas Ave San Jose, CA 95133
Accepts: Aerosols, Automotive Fluids, Batteries (Car and Household), Fertilizers, Fluorescent Lights, Flammable Fluids, Garden Chemicals, Helium, Household Cleaners, Latex Paint and Stains, Pesticides, Pool Chemicals, Propane Tanks, Sharps (Hypodermic Needles), Used Motor Oil & Oil Filters,

Metal Recycling Free Hauling
Gabriel 408-469-9503

Free Metal Recycling
Tollice Williamson (408) 899-1100

Green Hauling
English: Francisco (408) 903-0859
Spanish: Victor (408) 841-0631
Free Pickup of:
Electronics: TVs, Computers Stereos, Laptops, Printers, Faxes, Cables
Automotive: Engines, Batteries, Metals
Appliances: Washers/Dryers, A/Cs, Water Heaters, Stoves, Refrig's
NO: Sofas, Wood, Tires

Computer Recycling Center
accepts donations of computers and parts, which it recycles for Computers in Education.

eWaste Collective
of Novato & Berkeley
a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

TDR Electronic Recycling
in Oakland

Pasco Iron and Metal
21240 Lake Patience Rd, Land O Lakes, FL 34638
(813) 996-9866
8a-4:30p M-F
Accepts: used computers, circuit boards

Pasco County Solid Waste Resource Recovery

accepts e-waste for a fee of $5 per item (CPU, Monitor, etc.) at two sites in Pasco County:

  1. East Pasco County Transfer Station
    9626 Handcart Rd., Dade City FL
    Hours: M-Sa 7a-4p.
  2. West Pasco County Resource Recovery Facility
    14606 Hays Rd., Spring Hill FL. Hours: M-Sa 7a-5p.

Old technology doesn't have to go in the trash”,
Curtis Krueger, St. Petersburg Times, December 15, 2006.

Magazines and Books
Magazine Collector Club (free membership required) facilitates swapping magazines.
Recycling Signs
The Bay Area Naturists publish a handy set of Recycling Signs for labeling bins