Southwest Pacific Travels
of Russell A Pasco
during World War II


by Richard C Pasco

Russ in Australia
Russell Pasco April 27, 1943
My dad, Russell A. Pasco, served in the U.S. Army during World War II. His service included a tour of duty in the Southwest Pacific theater from January 1943 through November 1945. To keep in touch with his wife, my mother Gladys, he wrote home every few days. His letters were personal as he described his experiences to her.

My mom, Gladys B. Pasco, carefully typed my dad's reports, compiling them into a binder, which then sat on the shelf for the next 70 years. In 1991, she put the binder into my hands so that my son and I would have access to it. But alas, this historical work had few readers other than the two of us.

Mom passed away in 2000 and Dad passed away in 2002, yet still, the historical binder sat largely ignored on my kitchen bookshelf. I often thought it would be a good idea to publish it so that a wider audience could enjoy it, but other priorities competed for my time. And time slipped away.

For me, the first step in sharing Dad's writings more widely was to put them into electronic form. This month (June, 2015) I finally got around to scanning Dad's words and illustrations into a PDF file, which I am now pleased to share.

What's Not Finished Yet

As it stands today, the PDF file is missing a few maps. In addition to the pages included so far, Dad's binder also included several large maps of the islands he visited. I am looking to borrow a large-format scanner capable of handling them, preferably in the San Jose area. Contact me if you can offer technical help with that.

Also, you will be reading scanned images of my mom's typewritten pages. While there is a certain historical value to the 1940's vintage typewriter font, it may not be as clear as modern computer fonts. Alas, that too is a future project.


The 20-megabyte PDF file comprises five pages of front matter, 119 pages of body text, and 12 pages of high-resolution photos and maps. Please download it for off-line reading. Store it to your local disk and then open it with your favorite PDF reader. (If your computer doesn't have one yet, try the free Adobe Reader.)

Download PDF