CP850WIN and CPWIN850

by Rich Pasco
Revised Monday, August 15, 2011
Copyright © 2011 Richard C, Pasco

CP850WIN and CPWIN850 are Windows 32-bit console "Filter" applications. Each reads a text stream from Standard Input and writes to Standard Output. The input and output text streams comprise 8-bit characters.

CP850WIN converts characters from MS-DOS OEM Code Page 850 to MS-Windows Code Page 1252.

CPWIN850 performs the reverse conversion.

License: Use of CP850WIN and CPWIN850 is free to end users, but I retain the copyright. These program is shared "as-is" without warranty, promise of support, or liability for consequences of its use. Bug reports are requested, and enhancement requests are invited.

Calling syntax

Command-line invocation is according to the syntax:

CP850WIN <infile.txt >outfile.txt
CPWIN850 <infile.txt >outfile.txt
If either the input file or output file designations are omitted, the program reads its input from the keyboard or writes it to the display, respectively.


  1. Download and open cp850win.zip.
  2. Move CP850WIN.exe and CPWIN850.exe into any directory on your command PATH.
  3. Save cp850win.html (this file) for future reference.

Revision History

August 14, 2011First release

Author: Rich Pasco