CRC - Cyclic Redundancy Checker

Copyright © 2005 by Richard Pasco

License: Use of CRC is free to end users, but I retain the copyright. This program is shared "as-is" without warranty, promise of support, or liability for consequences of its use. Bug reports are requested, and enhancement requests are invited.


  1. Download and open
  2. Move crc.exe into any directory on your command PATH.
  3. Save crc.html (this file) for future reference.


The calling syntax is simple:

crc [d:\path\]filename.ext

Algorithm credit

This program is based on example code exhibited in G. Randers-Pehrson, et. al., PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Specification version 1.2, July 1999, page 84.

Revision History

January 26, 2005First public release

Author: Rich Pasco