by Rich Pasco
Revised Tuesday, February 5, 2008
Copyright © 2007 Richard Pasco

Folder-List is a Windows command-line utility which produces a text file containing a hierarchical listing of folders and subfolders (directories and subdirectories) below the current directory, similar to that shown graphically the left column of Windows Explorer.


License is free to end users, but I retain the copyright. This program is shared "as-is" without warranty, promise of support, or liability for consequences of its use.

Calling syntax

Command-line invocation is according to the syntax:

  folder-list [path]>temp.txt
after which you may open and print the results via
  notepad temp.txt
Optional parameter [path] allows specification of the directory whose subdirectories are to be listed. If it is omitted, then subdirectories of the current directory are listed (as in the first release).

Option "check"

When invoked with the "check" option, Folder-List performs a different task, useful when maintaining libraries of MP3 music files: It produces a list of just those subfolders of the current path which contain files with extension .MP3 but no file named "folder.jpg". The syntax for this is

  folder-list [path]>temp.txt /check


  1. Download and open
  2. Move folder-list.exe into any directory on your command PATH.
  3. Save folder-list.html (this file) for future reference.

Version History

11/17/2007First release
12/10/2007Add optional folder name on command line
Add help info by /?
2/5/2008Added option "check"

Author: Rich Pasco